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Saturday, March 06, 2010
Caspar Milquetoast method of credit repair.

Caspar Milquetoast method of credit repair

The Caspar Milquetoast method of credit repair is used by the majority of Americans and is endorsed by all creditors, debt collectors and their attorneys as well as most courts, judges, credit bureaus, the IRS and almost anyone who deals with credit and debt issues. This remarkable concept is so popular because it's goal is to refrain from offending or antagonizing anyone under any circumstances. It demands that everyone pay anyone claiming that the consumer owes them money without protest of any kind. It does however allow the consumer to demand validation of the debt collector.

Caspar Milquetoast

was a cartoon character who first appeared in a series of cartoons in 1924 and was known for his great timidity. Caspar Milquetoast was so timid that he was depicted as almost running past a sign which said "NO LOITERING"

Caspar Milquetoast

was so timid that he would never express his opinion on anything and he certainly would not have gone to court to defend himself against a debt collector no matter how outrageous their claim might be. At most he might have demanded validation of the debt but even that would not be in keeping with his extremely timid character.

Caspar Milquetoast

Caspar would probably have much rather filed bankruptcy if that had been necessary in order to prevent having to argue with anybody over anything. The vast majority of Americans today rush to the bankruptcy court solution to their problems thereby
proving millions of times over the route Caspar Milquetoast might well have taken if his creator had put him in that kind of situation. Of course, Caspar would most likely never have gotten himself in such a position in the first place. More than likely he would have just paid up without a whimper.

Needless to say, this author does not recommend what he as envisioned as the Caspar Milquetoast method of credit repair might have been.
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