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Friday, January 29, 2010
Finding a competent attorney
Finding a competent attorney


Originally Posted by equinox308 

may be as many great lawyers out there as infamous ones

I tend to think that is probably
quite true[/quote] that point I would like some suggestions for
finding a great lawyer in my area for a consultation of my case(s)
dealing with creditors/collectors, and possibly an incorrect Judgment
against me. Also I'm hoping this attorney can help me back on the right
track to repair my credit and settle any bad outstanding ones as well.
Thanks for your time and feedback..[/quote]I seriously doubt that you
will be able to find an attorney willing to help you with repairing
your credit. If one did and was not properly licensed as a Credit
Repair Organization they would be in violation of CROA, Even if they
did help you with credit repair they could not ask you for any money
until 6 months after the work had been performed or they would also be
in violation of CROA. Although I can't remember the name at the moment,
I've seen an attorney here in this forum advertising his services as a
credit repair expert. He also does a thing called Authorized users that
is somehow supposed to drastically improve your credit ratings. Trying
to get just any attorney not properly licensed and set up to do those
things would not be a good idea.

One of the first things you need to do before seeking legal counsel is
go to the courthouse and pull your public record then ask to see the
files on any judgments or lawsuits you might have against you. Get
copies of all the paperwork in the file(s) so you are ready to talk to
an attorney if you find one.

Once you have an attorney in mind you should check his/her public
record in the same way you check your own. Look to see what kinds of
cases s/he has handled during the past year or so and what happened in
those cases. How many of them are similar to your case and problems and
what the outcome of those cases was. Did your prospective attorney win
his/her cases or lose them? It is highly unlikely that any attorney
will have won all the cases he participated in but you would certainly
not want to hire one that had no experience with situations like yours
or has a poor record of winning cases.

If you are lucky enough to live in a state or county that has all of
it's court records on line like we do here in Oklahoma that will make
your search much easier and much less time consuming. Just because an
attorney talks a great line and claims to be able to help you is
meaningless. It is their public record of winning or losing cases that
counts. They can't change the facts on record. A great sales pitch
might claim one thing but the public record might tell an entirely
different story.

Hiring an attorney without knowing what his public record has to say
about him is not a wise thing to do. Finding an attorney is easy,
especially in larger cities. Finding an attorney competent and willing
to work for you is an entirely different matter. There public record
will reveal the truth about how experienced they are and how competent
they are.

I wish you the best of luck finding a competent attorney. You are probably going to need it.

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