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Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Response to interrogatories

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Response to Interrogatories

I got a summons on a debt I owe to the Bank of America for approximately $10,000 in September of this year. The loan was sold to Midland Funding and a local law firm here in the Washington DC area was suing on their behalf. I answered the summons, within the allotted time frame, by saying that that the Defendant is without knowledge or information sufficient to admit or deny the allegation contained in the complaint.

The law firm has now sent me a certificate regarding discovery whereby they indicate that I had a revolving loan account with Bank of America and that it was sold to Midland. No mentioned is made of the fact that the last payment on this loan was made well past the 3 year statute of limitations in Washington DC.

They also sent a request for interrogatories where they asked all kind of information regarding whether I made debt and How should I answer them since my position is that I had the account and made the purchases but that the statue of limitations has been reached for the debt? I am pretty sure that I have not paid on this loan since 2004. Do I have to prove this or do they have to prove that I made payment since then?

Thanks for any assistance.

You need to be able to prove when you made your last payment to the creditor,Add 30 days to that and you have the start of the statute of limitations. It runs until they filed the lawsuit against you. Your problem now is not only that you have to prove your argument. If you had been a creditwrench student you would have known to send them your demand for admissions at the same time you sent your response thereby immediately putting them behind the curve instead of the way it is now. You definitely need to send your own demand for admissions and make them tell you when you made your last payment to the creditor among other things.

I have a somewhat similar situation going on right now. On Monday, November 9th, Allied Acceptance called me and informed me that I owe a credit card debt and that I made my last payment in 2001 and wanted to know if I wanted to take care of it now. Statute of limitations in Oklahoma is 5 years. Needless to say I didn't want to take care of it or at least in the way the lady had in mind.

Of course I was recording the call. I told her that I wanted them to send me a demand letter which she agreed to do. She wanted to know if the address she had was correct and I told her it wasn't and gave her my current address. So from that point on they had 5 days within which they must have had their demand letter in my hands since that was their initial contact with me. They called the next day too but I couldn't take the call at that time. Then she called again today. Of course I was recording and we went back and forth a bit and then I told her that I dispute the debt and demand that they validate the debt. "What are you disputing?", she asked. "All of it", I replied. Then she wanted to know how come I thought I could just say I don't owe the debt and get away with that. (LOL) Needless to say, I didn't tell her the real reason I can get away with doing that. I want to lead them on.

You see, since I said I disputed the debt and demanded validation every call they make is illegal continued collection activity. A federal offense. When and if their letter comes I'll dispute the debt and demand validation all over again. I am thinking it might be a while more before I get that letter and of course I also hope they forget to put the Miranda warning on it and maybe make a few other mistakes. There are other ways they can violate and I'll make sure they do. I'll even beg them to sue me and I sincerely hope they do because as soon as I hear from some attorney about this I'll sue them in federal court and start in on the lawyer, building him/her up to a federal lawsuit.

I'll sue the lawyer and the debt collector all over again. Of course, I'm watching my record down at the clerk of the court online so they don't pull a fast one there. I want to catch them filing a lawsuit on me and get my response in to the court the same day they file or the next at the latest. I'll have my response in and I'll have my demand for validation and my admissions in the mail to them so fast they won't know what hit them. You see, if it is out of statute as they said it was then they have violated federal law by even filing the lawsuit out of stat. Now that is the way I teach people how to deal with these kinds of problems. That lawyer has probably already violate your civil rights too and you can learn how to treat them the same way I would. It isn't hard to do. Just takes some learning. That's all.
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