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Monday, May 04, 2009
Judgment recovery
Judgment recovery is an occupation that is very dangerous to those who have judgments against them. Judgments can lie dormant for many years and suddenly pop up to bite the judgment debtor. In fact, most judgment recovery companies such as Toxic Assets Recovery normally like to work old judgments more than they do recent ones. In order to facilitate their efforts to locate debtors who have judgments against them some firms are using various social media web sites such as Facebook,  Twitter and many others. Typically, women are used to attract debtors to their folds. They go through these social networks gathering as many new followers and contacts as possible then compare names, addresses and other information about their followers to the lists of people they are searching for. When a possible match is found they contact that person in their attempts to collect the debts that are owed by their contact.

Use of this new technology illustrates how advanced skip tracers are these days. This method is a very advanced and interesting new approach to locating debtors.
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