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Monday, November 17, 2008
We need a lawyer

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We need a lawyer for a credit card dept- credit card is suing? What type of lawyer?

What type of lawyer should I look for? My husband is getting sued by a great card company- we have been fighting with them for sometime and they just sent us a paper that they are suing us.

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    You need a lawyer like you need a new hole in your heads. The reason is that you don't have a defense so the best a lawyer can do for you is to try to make a settlement offer to the plaintiff. That offer will probably end up being somewhere around 80% of the amount they are claiming. The lawyer will want about 10% of that amount as his fee for doing it. If you don't have that amount of cash then the plaintiff will either refuse to settle or will want a stipulated agreement which they will quickly turn into a judgment and you are hung out to dry with no chance to fight about it later. Miss one payment and you are right back in the fire all over again.

    Instead of letting lawyers do that to you learn how to win yourself and maybe even get paid for doing it. Learn how to respond to their complaint and how to win in court without lawyers. Learn how to catch them violating the law (which they have already done if you only knew it) and take them to federal court where the only question before the court is whether they broke the law or not and of course they have and you can prove it. They will be in the same shape in federal court as you are in the local court system. Listen to one of my students on my radio talk show for tonight (Monday, November 17th, 2008 which is already posted on my website at and he will tell you how he won 3 cases against a debt collector and only had to file one case to win the other two. He never had to even see the inside of a federal courtroom or face a judge at all. One trip to federal court was more than enough for the lawyer who had filed 3 cases against him. That lawyer didn't want to go through any more of that. He knew he was beat before it even got started. You can do the same thing. You can win in federal court even though you might lose in local court and in the course of settling the federal course you can make them vacate the lower court case and pay you in the process.

    So why do you need a lawyer when creditwrench can teach you how to win and make it all go away?

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