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Sunday, September 28, 2008
Evidence admissibility

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Evidence Admissibility and Discovery ... Win with Jurisdictionary!

Don't let the lawyer on the other side throw you a curve ball by objecting to your pre-trial evidence discovery requests on the grounds that the information you seek will not be admissible at trial.

It doesn't have to be admissible!

Mark my words and don't let the lawyer trick you into giving up!

If you spend much time fighting lawyers over the facts you need to win your case, sooner or later they'll object to your discovery requests on the grounds that the information you're trying to get is not "admissible" ... and you'll win the court's favorable decision if you remember what Jurisdictionary teaches.

You have five (5) tools to discover evidence before trial.

  1. Requests for Admissions

  2. Requests for Production

  3. Interrogatories

  4. Depositions

  5. Subpoenas and other Court Orders

Pre-trial evidence discovery is not bound by trial rules!

Once you get to trial (if you don't use Jurisdictionary to win your case before trial) every piece of evidence you try to present to the court must be admissible evidence ... or the court will keep it out.

During the pre-trial discovery phase of your case, however, the facts you seek do not have to be admissible ... so long as they are reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of evidence that will be admissible at trial ... (if you don't use Jurisdictionary to win your case before trial).

Check your local court rules and you will find this is true. You may have to teach the judge what's-what, but the rules are clear. Facts you seek during pre-trial discovery do not have to be admissible if they are reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of facts that will be admissible evidence when presented at trial.

Trap crooked lawyers in their own web of deceit.

Learn the rules and how to use them wisely to win your case!

Order our case-winning 24-hour Jurisdictionary step-by-step self-help for non-lawyers course now and learn how easy it is to control crooked lawyers ... and win your lawsuit!

It's easy with Jurisdictionary.

It takes just 24 hours to learn how to win!

... Dr. Frederick D. Graves

Win with Jurisdictionary!

Learn lawsuit procedure in 24-hours ... step-by-step.

Our affordable 4-CD self-help for non-lawyers course includes:

  • 5-hour video CD simplifies the process of litigation

  • 2 audio CDs present practical tactics and procedures

  • 15 in-depth tutorials on a 4th CD lay out the basics

  • Free laminated EasyGuide to the Rules of Court

  • Includes Shipping & Handling

  • Instant On-Line Access while CDs are in the mail to you

Discover what thousands know: Jurisdictionary Works!

Save legal fees! Control judges! Defeat crooked lawyers!

Ask anyone who has our course. "Jurisdictionary Works!"

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Our motto is Justicia Omnibus... "Justice for All"

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