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Sunday, August 31, 2008


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication

RSS is still largely unused by the majority of the world's netizens because they simply haven't been taught how usefull it is or how to use it. But the truth is that it is not only really simple to use but it has the great benefit of allowing people to gather and read huge volumes of information very rapidly through the use of what are widely known as aggregators which are more commonly known as feed readers.
Aggregators come in many types and are usually available for free. Google Reader is just one of several that Google has in it's basket of goodies. Another good one is Amphetadesk which has been around for a very long time now. The Creditwrench message board is another type of feed reader.

It features a diversity of feeds from attorneys who are bloggers and talk about a variety of legal topics for your reading pleasure and brings you up to the minute information you might not ever find out about just surfing in traditional ways. Each feed is monitored by Bill Bauer who is the CEO of Creditwrench.

Another form of feed reader is Mozilla's Thunderbird which is primarily an Email ready. It lets you gather email from all your email clients such as Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, MSN or just about anywhere and brings them all into on reader so you can keep on top of all your emails easily instead of having to log in to each of them separately. It also lets you view the headlines from a great many RSS feeds so you can keep your finger on the pulse of whatever topics that interest you.

I carry the feeds from well over 100 different sources and can get through the headlines in about half an hour most days. I was cecking my feeds this morning and noticed a feed that had an article from a blog known as "The Simple Dollar" in which the author made the following comments:

"I get asked to review all sorts of crazy personal finance books, plans, programs, and schemes all the time, ranging from the reasonable to the completely outlandish.

For the most part, all of these programs share more or less the same content. Get your spending under control, call up your creditors and negotiate lower rates (or in some cases a balance reduction), adopt a very strong debt repayment plan, and kick it in the teeth.

A few of the programs involve some legal manuevering in which you attempt to buy your bad debt from the creditor (and then obviously dismiss it), but the legal gamesmanship there is murky, dealing with legal nuances that are far from clearly explained.

This is the meat and potatoes of personal finance, and it’s pretty much true across the board. Spend less than you earn and get rid of bad debt and plan for the future. Most of it boils down to nuances of those two statements - earn more, spend less, pay off debt, invest, and so on.

In truth, the big difference between most personal finance books, programs, and other materials is in how they’re packaged. Dave Ramsey’s stuff is packaged in the guise of a straight-talking Christian. Suze Orman paints the picture of a successful career woman dispensing this advice. Jim Cramer plays the role of exciting enthusiast. David Bach plays the role of the “friendly teacher” who tries to make something complicated into something simple.

And you also have the people that use other methods to convince you. Kevin Trudeau, for instance, plays the role of the insider who is letting you in on “secrets” (often making over the top and potentially false claims along the way) - and that appeals to some people.

Here’s the truth: almost all of these programs work. They all deliver most of the same information, they all agree on the basic principles, and they all offer a program that will get you into a better financial place.

The only real difference between most of them is in minor details - and in how they’re presented. That’s really it - the little details and the presentation."

So there you have it in a nutshell. They are nothing but tired old hacks who in reality have no better solutions to your debt related problems than telling you to take an old cold tater and wait. They have absolutely nothing to offer those who are deeply in debt for whatever reason, plagued by debt collectors, lawyers, judgments and garnishments.

Even the wealthy cannot escape the immense burden imposed by the hordes of debt collection locusts that swarm upon our society much like the plagues of locusts of Biblical times eating up all the available greenery they can lay hold of because they are heavily taxed to help pay for the high cost of maintaining our massive court sytems.

All the babblings of such as Ramsey, Orman and their kindred do nothing at all to help the ever growing segment of our population who cannot for whatever reason pay their just debts.

Yet those whose need for help is the greatest are led like sheep to the slaughter houses better known as our court systems not the least of which are our bankruptcy courts where the final shearing of the sheeple is completed.

Is it any wonder that people are universally so frightened by the mere thought of having to go to court? So frightened that they will not even countenance the thought of standing up and fighting for their rights and freedoms through the use of laws specifically put in place by the federal government to give them the very tools they need to put a stop to their torment?

People in bad financial straits have no earthly use for old cold taters like Ramsey, Orman and other such pap servers. They need to learn how to deal with their problems in a realistic way that works for them most of the time.

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