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Monday, August 25, 2008
Gassifying the Bar

Lawsuit Self-Help ... Step-by-Step

Tips & Tactics

Win with Jurisdictionary!Gassing the Bar ...

Hot air may keep a balloon afloat, but it won't win your lawsuit.

Too many words ruin the argument.

Yet, many of you are using far too many words to carry your case forward, and it's hurting you!

A well-played lawsuit is a simple machine with only a few essential parts. There are:

  • Pleadings

  • Motions

  • Memoranda (supporting or opposing motions)

  • Discovery Requests

  • Notices

  • Orders

That's pretty much it.

These are your tools, designed to accomplish specific tasks or objectives ... and, like tools, they must be sharp if you want them to do the job effectively!

Many inexperienced lawyers and most pro se litigants (who go to court on their own without licensed counsel) go on and on and on, when only a few simple sentences would do what's needed.

As a consequence, instead of strengthening their case, they weaken it by introducing issues that have nothing to do with the outcome!

Don't gas the bar. Blow it away!

Learn just what's needed to win with Jurisdictionary.

You're just 24 hours away from knowing how to win your lawsuit!

... Dr. Frederick D. Graves

... 22-Year Veteran Attorney

Ask anyone who has our course. "Jurisdictionary Works!"

Call Toll Free for details: 866-Law-Easy

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