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Wednesday, August 06, 2008




Expect a lawsuit. You should start now to learn how to fight lawsuits without a lawyer. It really isn't hard to do at all. I teach my students how to do it all the time.

One of the methods that I use in teaching is by letting them see my computer screen in real time so they can follow along as I go through some of the more intricate steps which always occur during the first learning steps. Being able to see what I do on my computer and following along they can then repeat the steps on their own computer.

If they are unable to grasp it for whatever reason they can give me permission to actually control their computer and I can then do it for them if need be. That is seldom necessary howver because most folks can grasp the principals easily. Being able to actually watch documents being prepared in real time shortens the learning curve substantially.

That's not all. I teach them how to make a movie of what I am doing so they can watch their movie later if need be.

That and many more student aids make the whole learning process much, much easier.

Bill Bauer

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