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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Strip crooked lawyers

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Lawyers Beware!Strip Crooked Lawyers!

Most humans are not formally trained in the art of twisting the truth, bending the rules, or distorting the testimony of honest people to make more money winning lawsuits with trickery and deceit.

To the typical lawyer, however, such practices are commonplace.

It's part of the legal profession's skill set. Lawyers are trained to find and use every possible means for hiding the truth, so long as they can do so without getting caught with their pants down!

Jurisdictionary shows you how easy it is to protect yourself from crooked lawyers by revealing their deceitful games using discovery tools effectively ... bringing their corrupt practices out in the open on the public court record for everyone to see!

Our 2-day Course Will Show You How to Win!The problem many people have (those who don't yet know what Jurisdictionary makes so easy to understand) is being intimidated by lawyers on the other side or even their own lawyer. Lawyers know this about you. They prey on public legal ignorance, knowing the average person has little or no knowledge of what it takes to get at the truth they hide - or how to put that truth on the record.

For example, Jurisdictionary receives frequent emails from good people complaining they requested the opposition to answer some questions or produce some documents only to receive objections or no response at all.

At this point (if they don't yet know what Jurisdictionary makes so easy to understand and use) these people fold their tents ... and, by doing so, pretty much guarantee they will lose their lawsuit.

Without evidence you cannot prove your case. Period!

If you allow the other side to "hide the ball" without knowing how to force the other side to produce what you request and answer your questions or go to jail, you voluntarily hand them certain victory.

After 21 years of winning lawsuits in state and federal courts, I can tell you there are only two kinds of lawyers: (1) those who try to find the truth and put it in the record and (2) those who try to hide it by any means available ... no matter how shameful that means may be.

Fortunately, the rules of our American due process system give you five (5) powerful tools to get at the truth and and three (3) tools to require the other side to comply ... whether they like it or not!

Your 5 discovery tools are:

  1. Requests for Admissions

  2. Requests for Production

  3. Interrogatories

  4. Depositions

  5. Subpoenas and Other Court Orders

Your 3 discovery enforcement tools are:

  1. Motion to Compel Discovery

  2. Motion for an Order to Show Cause

  3. Motion for Contempt

When properly used, these easy-to-understand tools can force even the most beligerent legal trickster to give you the evidence you need to win your case.

Why allow the lawyers to win with crooked tactics when it's so very easy to learn how to turn the tables on them and force the court to give you the victory you deserve?

Without what Jurisdictionary teaches you don't have a chance!

Catch your opponent's lawyer with his pants down!

This is how you exercise your rights in this country.

We make it easy so you can win!


Learn how easy it is to move the court effectively!

Ask anyone who has our course. "Jurisdictionary Works!"

Our 2-day step-by-step self-help course explains lawsuit form and content so you can win ... with or without a lawyer!

It's not hard to win lawsuits when you know what we teach.

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Once you master the simple concepts we teach, you will be more powerful than most lawyers I met in more than 21 years practicing in state and federal courts as a licensed bar attorney ... because you will be on the side of truth and know how to get your truth into the court's record ... whether they like it or not!

Discover how Easy it is to Win Your Lawsuit!



Learn lawsuit procedure in 2 days with our affordable self-help course. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of litigation and confidence to control corrupt judges and defeat crooked lawyers.

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  • 2 audio CDs that cover practical tactics and procedures

  • 14 lawsuit-simplifying multimedia tutorials on a 4th CD

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Ask anyone who has our course. Jurisdictionary Works!

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