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Monday, July 21, 2008
Lawyer Jokes?

Lawsuit Self-Help ... Step-by-Step

Tips & Tactics

Defeat Legal Sharks ! Win with Jurisdictionary!

Ever wonder why there are so many lawyer jokes?

Here's a lawyer, eating his own client.

Head first, of course!

Don't let it happen to you!

Whether you're paying your own lawyer or fighting alone (pro se) against the other side's lawyer, don't trust the lawyers ... or the judge!

Why? Let's ask that first question again. Ever wonder why there are so many lawyer jokes?

Lawyers are trained to be devious. Lawyers are taught to hide evidence, twist facts, and use every dirty trick in the book to win for their clients. They are taught to believe, "If it's not strictly illegal, then it's fair game!" And, after all, judges are lawyers, too!

If you have your own lawyer, you dare not trust him or her to do the right thing! If you're fighting alone (pro se) you must know how to overcome the smoke-and-mirrors sneaky tricks the other side will try to play on you. Prepare for the obvious ... legal trickery!

Here is the good news! Crooked lawyers are easy to defeat, if you know what Jurisdictionary makes so easy and affordable to learn ... whether you're a defendant being sued or a plaintiff suing someone else!

You will quickly learn how to (1) draft effective pleadings that tell the court what you're going to prove, (2) compel the other side to reveal the facts you need to win, (3) subpoena reliable evidence from other sources, (4) make timely objections that put the judge on notice you're prepared to appeal, and (5) move the court with well-written memoranda that force the judge to enter orders that favor your cause.

With Jurisdictionary you can stop the lawyers' tricks!

Too many people trust their own lawyers too much. They pay huge legal fees, wait sometimes for years, then lose everything because their lawyer either (1) didn't do the easy things they could have done, (2) bailed out at the last minute before the case went to trial, or (3) were afraid to stand up to the judge and demand justice!

You have heard just such stories from others! We all have!

Even those who win often end up losing so much in time and legal fees they would have been better off representing themselves with the powerful legal education provided by our 2-day case-winning Jurisdictionary self-help for non-lawyers course!

If you are paying a lawyer, you have a right to an effective, zealous advocate ... but, as lawyer jokes prove, too often the lawyer you pay will either sell you out at the last minute or refuse to fight for you!

If you can't afford a lawyer, you must never assume the lawyer on the other side will play fair or that the judge can be trusted to "do the right thing". It just doesn't work that way in court. You must protect yourself by learning what our affordable 2-day case-winning Jurisdictionary self-help for non-lawyers course teaches!

Learn the essential fact elements that win lawsuits, how to draft effective pleadings as defendant or plaintiff, how to use the rules of evidence and make everyone play by those rules, how to make effective objections, and much more!

Order our case-winning Jurisdictionary step-by-step self-help for non-lawyers course right now! Just click any of the underlined links on this page.

It's easy to learn lawsuit procedure with Jurisdictionary. All it takes is a single weekend. Just 2 days to get the case-winning knowledge you need to control the court and win your lawsuit.

You'll know more than most professional lawyers I met in more than 22 years of practicing law in state and federal courts!

Win with Jurisdictionary!

Learn effective lawsuit procedure in a single weekend.

Our affordable 4-CD self-help for non-lawyers course includes:

  • 5-hour video CD simplifies the process of litigation

  • 2 audio CDs present practical tactics and procedures

  • 15 in-depth tutorials on a 4th CD lay out the basics

  • Free laminated EasyGuide to the Rules of Court

  • Includes Shipping & Handling

  • Instant On-Line Access while CDs are in the mail to you

Discover what thousands know: Jurisdictionary Works!

Save legal fees! Control judges! Defeat crooked lawyers!

Ask anyone who has our course. "Jurisdictionary Works!"

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