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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
I just don't get it!

Fighting Unifund Partners

Michelle Dereta
Category: Collections Law
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Subject: Credit card debt
Question: What else can I do? I just keep hitting brick walls. Where else do I turn? Had to ask a new question, no more follow ups on the original.

Answer: You say you keep hitting brick walls yet I am giving you many links to give you information as to what to do and even my phone numbers so you can call and discuss your situation for free -- no charge and no obligation to buy anything and yet you keep on hitting brick walls? How can that be? I must admit that I may be as green as a gourd and as dumb as a fencepost but I just don't get it!

Your problem and that of most of those asking questions and wanting help
is that you don't have the experience of dealing with these kinds of situations on an almost hourly basis like I do and so have no idea of where to turn to get the info and training you need.

I keep telling people that the only way to get a win against these kinds of people is to take them to federal court for violations of FDCPA.
You can win too. I even give you a link to my message board where you can go and talk to my students who have won in person. I even give you a conference call on Friday nights where you can call in and actually talk to students who have won in both local and federal courts. And you keep on hitting a brick wall? I don't get it!

You are fightng Unifund. They aren't even a company! They have no corporate entity in any state. They are not registered as a foreign corporation in any state. They violate federal law with impunity because few people will stand up and fight back. Why is that?

I just don't get it. Maybe if you tell me why you won't learn how to stand up and fight back and win I can understand why others won't either.

Bill Bauer

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