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Saturday, July 19, 2008
How to record phone calls
Question: My wife and I have credit card debt of over 100k and have foreclosed on our home in NY. I recently took a job in VA and have moved there. I was unable to keep my house or pay any of the debt. I am not sure what the status of my house in NY is. My wife is disabled and I am the only one working. I tried to file chap 7 in NY but the case was dismissed for various reasons. Now i am getting calls from collection agencies and they are threatening to sue. what do i do?
Answer: What can you do? First of all learn how to record their calls almost for free by checking out the web page at How to record phone calls

Start learning how to defend yourself in court without lawyers. I do realize that such advice may sound daunting and even frightening but let me assure you that it is very easy to do when you have an easy to follow step by step lesson plan and an instructor at your fingertips ready to teach you and correct your work. In only an hour or so you will learn how to construct a document correctly and will have created your own templates for the response you need to submit to the court, a template for your certificates of mailing that you will use over and over again and much more. It all goes very quickly.

You will have downloaded a free program called Open Office and installed that. You will find that Open Office has all the different
features that Microsoft Office has and they work much better. You will learn how to automatically insert page numbering at the bottom of your document and how to automatically insert line numbers for your documents. Those aren't necessary for most local courts but you might as well get used to them because they are important in federal courts.

Most documents will require line numbering but some such as your certificates of mailing won't use line numbers or page numbers and you will learn which ones do and which don't very quickly. You will also learn how to analyze documents such as affidavits and quickly know whether they are authentic or nothing but pettifoggery, obfuscation, skulldoggery and barefaced falsehoods.

You will quickly learn that this stuff isn't rocket science and anybody can do it. You will end up having a lot of fun beating up on those who have caused you all the grief and misery. So don't let you get bamboozled, downtrodden and beaten by fear and fancy lawyers or crooked judges whose only interest is beating you out of your hard earned money.

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