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Saturday, July 26, 2008
How to beat up on credit bureaus
Here is one way to beat up on the credit bureaus. I haven't used it a lot because it can only be used when you catch them with errors on your credit reports that they won't remove. This will work almost every time that you catch them with false information on your credit report. I've never had it fail yet. This is my copyrighted method and may not be posted on any message board anywhere without violating my copyright notice. But you can feel free to use it for yourself and if you want to tell others about it then tell them to come here and get the absolute slickest trick ever.

This is about like dropping an atom bomb on them because the FCRA states that they must print your 100 word statement and have no right to change or modify it in any way. But if you use it wrongfully and they refuse to print it you are going to have to sue them to make them print it and if you do that and you cannot prove your point in a court of law then you will lose your case and you will probably be forced to pay their costs of defending against your false and frivolous lawsuit and they very well may come back and sue you for filing a false and frivolous lawsuit against them. So be responsible in when and how you use it. If you fail to heed my warning here you may very well have to pay the consequences.

Probably everyone on any of the forums including myself has told you not to use the 100 word statement and the reason we all say that is because in making your 100 word statement you will normally do yourself more harm than good and under all normal situations that would be true.

But if you want to win you have simply got to think outside the box. You have to come up with ways and means to blindside them and here is how you blindside the credit bureaus.

As an example of when and how to use this CREDITWRENCH method, here is an imaginary instance. Let us imagine that the credit bureau is reporting that you owe $10,000 and the truth is that you only owe $1,000 so you send the following 100 word statement in a letter which gives them two options.

1. Remove the listing entirely
2. Print my 100 word statement in it's entirety exactly as I have worded it and distribute my 100 word statement to each and every company who has ever requested my credit report during the last two years.
XYZ Credit Bureau is falsely reporting inaccurate and incomplete information about me in my credit reports even though I have attempted to get them to correct their erroneous information to no avail. In doing so, XYZ is knowingly defrauding you who are their paying customers. It should therefore be obvious to all who purchase credit reports from XYZ Credit Bureau that any information you pay for may be and probably does contain false and inaccurate information. When purchasing information from XYZ Credit Bureau you should follow the age old advice about "let the buyer beware."
Do you really imagine for even a moment that they would willingly distribute that 100 word statement to all who have purchased your information during the past two years and keep on providing it to those who might inquire in the future?? If so, think again. They will delete the listing every time. And that is why you must give them the option to delete rather than publish your 100 word statement.

Now then, let those who just love to criticize me on other boards top that one. (LOL)

But for your own good and that of others who might be able to use the Creditwrench 100 word statement, let me ask of you that you do not use it unless you actually do have inaccurate information on your credit reports because it will backfire on you if you try to use it on accurate information.

Most of my critics like to claim that I never give away free information and that anything I have can be found other places on the internet for free.
Any of my many, many students will tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

In the first place, CREDITWRENCH has nothing to do with credit repair at all even though that just happens to be a side effect, just like crippling arthiritis and death can be a side effect of an inherited skin condition known as Psoriasis.

CREDITWRENCH is a lethal weapon to be used against debt collectors and their attorneys and that is all that it is. But one of the side effects is a vastly improved if not perfect credit report. Creditwrench teaches you the law and how to use it against those who knowingly violate the law and your rights as well as your due process rights under the law. If you know the law and you know your rights under the law and how to enforce them in court then you need not worry about getting sued and you can also use it to gather the evidence and the proof you need to sue the pants off of them and win.

I have appointed pc4tech as moderator of this forum and he is the absolute ruler of this forum. There is no conflict of interest between anything said or taught here and my CREDITWRENCH methods. They are as different as night and day.

In my next post I will reveal an age old trick that will get you great credit references in just 12 short weeks. It has been around since at least 1935 and maybe before that but is never seen anywhere else but here. I have never published this great information anywhere in the past and it can work wonders for your credit.


A student has used this tactic and they did modify his 100 word statement to be more to their liking. The student says that he did some research and found out that they can in fact modify the 100 word statement and get away with it.

They may have been granted that power by the newer revisions to FCRA or they may have had that power all along but didn't realize it at the time that I used the trick. I have no answer as to why it worked for me and did not work quite as planned for this student.

He makes a very valid point when he stated to me that the 100 word statement don't help a bit if published because most protential creditors won't see it anyway. That is quite true if one applies for a credit card but if one is buying something where the credit report is actually pulled then it will be visible and the lender will probably give it at least some credence in making or denying the loan.

So now we know that the trick may or may not work. Use at your own discretion and risk.

I do think that if one does not like the outcome then he can insist later that it be removed or modified but that is an assumption, not a fact that I am aware of. If the above don't work then file a federal lawsuit on them. If you have sufficient cause of action you will win every time.

As always, you should never take what anyone says on any forum as being fact. You always have to do your own research to get to the real truth.
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