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Saturday, June 28, 2008
Collection calls and how to handle them.
Wrongful Collection
Question: I have been dealing with creditors trying to get in contact with my mother to collect her debts for some years now. My mother has given my information as her contact information, so the collection agencies believe they are contacting her, when in fact, they are contacting me. What can I do to get these calls to stop? I have already told some of the collection agencies that they have been given the wrong information, but most of the time they either do not believe me or just hang up and call again later.
Answer: I have the perfect answer to your type of problem but in order to use it effectively you need to understand the concepts behind the debt collection process. Here is the inside story.

Debt collectors work on a base salary plus commissions on all the money they collect. The base pay is pretty low, just enough to keep them comeing to work every day. The bonus money is usually about 30% of what they collect after they have made their monthly quota which is what they must collect before they can start working towards their bonus money.

They have to make lots of calls before they can start getting their bonus money so they really can't spend all that much time with any one call unless it promises to get them a large amount of money. Naturally, the larger an account is the more diligent they will be in trying to collect it. They will often become quite belligerent if they find that they are talking to women, oldsters of both sexes or very young adults.

Debt collectors know that they have to control the conversation from start to finish or they will collect very little so they always employ a script or canned speech to start out each call. Of course, the script is abandoned fairly quickly depending on how the call proceeds.

The way to stop them cold is to have your own script and never let them control the conversation. You need to have a script containing enough questions to keep them on the line for as long as possible and end the call when they refuse to answer any more of your questions.

If they call back make them go through the same script every time. Don't vary the script, just make them answer the same questions every time and it don't take very long to make even the most thickheaded of them realize that they are doing nothing but wasting their valuable (to them) time and getting nowhere. They simply stop calling you because it isn't going to help them make their quota.

My script located at will put a stop to their hounding phone calls very quickly. Once you start using the script you will begin to hear the phone ring once and maybe the caller I.D. will show who called but they hang up and move on as soon as they realize who they are calling.

Andrea D. of Atlanta, Georgia who is also a creditwrench student just started using her copy of the script and you can listen to her describe her experiences to us on our Friday night conference call. Andrea sounds as though she is a very young lady but in fact she is more than 60 years old. If she can do it so can anybody.

Listen to Andrea by clicking on the link below.

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