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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Political report for 05/06/2008
It is now obvious that unless Sen. Clinton pulls off a whole series of stunning victories in the few remaining states yet to hold their primaries she has no chance of winning the nomination. That widely held media view hasn't deterred her determination in the least however. There could be at least two or more theories behind her apparent determination. One might be that she is simply too dumb to know when she is beaten but another could be that she is staying in for the sole purpose of showing the public that she isn't a quitter. That could benefit her greatly in the event she runs again in 2012.

On a side note, Rev. Jeremiah Wright is no longer the pastor of Obama's Church.

It also seems that the media hasn't become overly enthusiastic about the elections and are downplaying it in favor of other news. The coverage of other things such as the possibility of an upcoming new war with Iran. That seems almost inevitable at this point in time. Some have claimed that we would attack Iran as early as last Sunday but they were obviously wrong since talks with Iran are still going on. That may be very short lived however. Other pundits have claimed that we will attack Iran no later than the 1st of June and others predict a date no later than July 1st. Let us hope that all are wrong and Iran ends up caving in thus saving us from yet another disaster in the Gulf.
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