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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Obama wins in Oregon

Obama wins Oregon Primary

Bam Bam Obama won the Oregon primary election yesterday while losing in Kentucky. It appears that he now has enough super delegate votes to take the Democratic nomination.

That Bam Bam would end up with enough votes to be the Democratic candidate this week was obvious going into this week's primaries. So the only question remaining in the La La land of Democratic politics is what will Ms. Clinton do now and when will she do it? This is a crucial question because if she continues to campaign into the Democratic convention in Denver a bitter battle on the convention floor will most likely ensue. If it gets sufficiently nasty it can only work to alienate voters and further the chances of John McCain to win the November elections.

At the present time Hillary appears ready, willing and quite possibly able to bring racism to the forefront by arguing that she has carried the white vote in every state and should therefore be the party's best chance to win in November.

Another argument she has already started to use is that she can draw on her husband's experience and expertise to help her through rough times in the White House. The plain language of which states that Slick Willy will be the defacto president and not Hillary at all. How that concept will play with the voters remains to be seen, of course. Bill started this round of wars with Iraq and may well be able to bring it to a finish is a distinct possibility but the real question is not can he handle the war
but rather can he handle the economic crisis that now faces the nation and how well can he handle it if indeed he gets such an opportunity.

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