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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Political Campaigns-the candidates
I've never written about politics before but since the elections are heating up just a bit I've decided to start checking things out and trying to come up with some projections on what the outcome of the 2008 elections might be.

Since it is obvious that neither the media nor the public has truly decided which party is most likely to prevail as of yet it will be totally impossible to accurately predict who the next president will be at this time so until that issue is decided we can only compare candidates.

Just as I use some rather unorthodox methods to beat up on debt collectors and their lawyers, I also use some rather unorthodox methods to determine what the public is thinking on any given issue, political or otherwise.

Since it appears that at the present time the Democrats seem to have a very slight edge over the Republicans I will look at who the most popular Republican candidates are as time goes on.

Right now there are only two Republicans in the race since all the others have dropped out. Those two are John McCain and Ron Paul. This is a race that seems to have extremely diverse opinions between what the media is thinking and what the public is thinking. We are all aware that the media is heavily touting John McCain as the only viable Republican in the race and they don't consider Ron Paul as even being in the race but the general public seems to have an entirely different opinion. It seems that in the minds of the public Ron Paul is wildly more popular than John McCain. It would, of course be a disaster for the media if Ron Paul were to actually upset McCain at the Republican convention and it is doubtful that such a thing will happen but what if it does?

On the Democratic side the race is obviously between Obama and Clinton. Clinton had a decisive edge over Obama until the new year rolled in but Obama now has enjoyed a huge lead over Clinton throughout 2008 and it will take a major upset to change that picture. That isn't likely to happen since both the media and the public seem to be in agreement on that matter.

Since the current trend is that the Democrats have a slight edge over the Republicans
at the present time it seems more likely that Obama may well be our next president than not.

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