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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Obama increases lead over Clinton this week
Despite the highly publicized win of Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary election, Barak Obama's lead over Hillary obviously widened by a wee bit. While the media seemingly failed to note the difference the general public tended to ignore Hillary's Pennsylvania win by continuing to support Obama.

Meanwhile, the media seems to believe that popularity of the Democrats and Republicans is about equal, the public simply doesn't agree with that either. While once again the margins are indeed small and the Democrats failed to gain any ground over the Republicans this week they still have the edge over the Republicans in terms of popularity.

That simply means that if Hillary hopes to win the nomination she is not only going to have to improve her stances and find better ways to overcome the fact that at this time she is an obvious loser. Of course, anything can happen and the exact outcome of the primaries and both conventions are yet wide open. McCain will almost unquestionably win the Republican nomination but the outcome of the Democratic convention is yet to be revealed.
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