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Saturday, April 19, 2008
E-book by Creditwrench CEO Bill Bauer
Consumers can purchase a copy of my new e-book which will be completed and ready to go this weekend. My e-book will tell people how to prepare and properly present a response and give all the little tips and tricks one can use to respond to the complaint.

In order to win people will probably have to prepare and file a lawsuit and file it in federal court and my e-book also teaches how to do that. Of course, there will be continual updates to my e-book as time goes on and new material is covered but once someone has purchased the ebook they will be eligible for free updates each time it is needed. All anyone has to do is ask for the latest copy and it will be emailed at no additional cost or obligation. New updates will be coming out quite often at first but that will slow down to very infrequent updates within a very few months.

The ebook covers a wide range of topics such as credit repair, validation letters, follow up letters to validation letters, how to respond to initial contact letters from both debt collectors and attorneys, how to respond to summons and complaints and how to take action against debt collectors and attorneys in federal court under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and how to take action against original creditors under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and TILA as well as how to sue credit bureaus under the FCRA.

The e-book also goes into mortgage foreclosures and how to deal with those as well. In the future there well may be a chapter dealing with arbitration too although I will not commit to that at this time.

So as one can readily see, the e-book will be very helpful in teaching how to respond to the summons and complaint which must be responded to quickly. And of course, if someone needs further coaching they can become a creditwrench student and get the one-on-one teaching that can be so vital to success. The new creditwrench e-book is inexpensively priced at $99.95 and can be purchased by sending a U.S. Postal Money order either left blank or made out to Bill Bauer and sent by U.S. Mail to

3620 S. Parkview Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119

or by calling one of the numbers below and requesting the direct deposit information so that you can make a direct deposit to my account at any Bank of America branch that might be near to you.

Bill Bauer
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