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Saturday, February 02, 2008
Debt elimination the creditwrench way
Third party debt collectors have no right to give personal information to family members or other individuals whatever. It is not only that they have no right to do so it is illegal for them to do so. Telling them to stop calling parents and others isn't good enough. It needs to be in writing and sent to them by certified mail return receipt requested. But that may not resolve the problem. If the abuse continues you have to sue them in federal court because local courts simply are not sympathetic to such complaints from debtors. The problem stems from the fact that while nobody is dumb enough to try to bribe judges into seeing things their way it is common practice for the large debt collectors to do just that in a very subtle way that nobody, not even the judges realize the fact that it is being done. Large debt collectors often put on weekend seminars in fancy hotels or lake resorts and have legal experts such as supreme court judges and well respected law professors come to speak and teach about various legal topics at their seminars. They reimburse judges for attending these seminars by footing the tab for meals or other expenses at these seminars and of course everybody in attendance is well informed about who is putting on these seminars. So when they go back to their benches and a case comes before them in which the plaintiff is the debt collector or bank or credit card company who wined and dined them at that great seminar and the defendant is a nobody, guess who wins the case every time? It's not that way in federal courts.
When the defendant in the local case becomes the plaintiff in federal court the judge cares not for what happened in the local court or who the defendant is. The only question before the court is whether or not the defendant broke the law. Nothing else is allowed before the court.
So, I teach people how to do that. I make it as simple and easy as possible to take the issues before a court where they have a great chance to win if their complaint is well founded and well documented. They don't need a lawyer. They can easily learn how to do it properly.
People often talk about credit repair on the web and how to do it. They talk about easy ways to do credit repair and for those who don't want to take the time and trouble to learn and do it themselves there are always those who are more than willing to convince people to spend lots of money to hire them to do little and sometimes nothing at all. And of course, there are others who use such catch phrases as "debt elimination" and "debt resolution" and "debt consolidation" or even bankruptcy to lure the unsuspecting into parting with their hard earned money only to learn the hard way that they spent their money and got little or nothing in return. That is indeed sad because for a lot less money they could have done all those things in one fell swoop using what I teach and never have to actually go to court. In federal court it is all done on the internet or by U.S. Mail. You simply prepare your paperwork properly, go to the federal court house and file your complaint and pay your filing fee and from then on you are in the driver's seat. Just like they do in lower courts, in federal court you are the plaintiff and you call the shots.

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