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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Can they sue me
Collection Tactics
Question: I received a call as well as my x mom in law and my mom from a DR Associates "Mr Freeman" with a # of 312-224-8486.After a panicked call from my mom, I called this guy who had stated that he was "investigating" me. It was about some visa card from wells fargo that had not been paid from almost 7 yrs ago and I was divorced, thinking SHE would pay what she charged. Either way, I am in no position to pay this $2,800.00 financially. The guy says I have until 2 days before they file a lawsuit on me. Is this a scare tactic for me to negotiate the debt (I did not admit that I owe it) or can they really sue me?

Answer: Of course they can sue you for the debt. But was she the card holder or were you the cardholuder? If you were not on the card then you shouldn't be held liable. Sounds to me like you were the main cardholder and she was just an authorized user or something like that. I sure wish some debt collector would get stupid enough to try to sue me for an old credit card or other debt! But I'm probably never going to be so lucky. I had one threaten to do it a while back and I begged him repeatedly to sue me and of course they refused to do it. I begged them to put it on my credit reports and they refused to do that as well. I think you might want to beg Mr. Freemen to sue you too. When he calls you should use the 18 questions to be found at so you get all the information you need to fix his little red wagon real good for him. Tell you what! I'll bet you won't beg him to sue you! How about that? Will you do that or not? If he does all you have to do is respond with a properly prepared motion to dismiss and then file a federal lawsuit against him for misrepresenting the legal status of the debt. He will be begging you to go away and leave him alone and will pay you to do that on top of it all. Think that won't happen? Try it. Works every time! But only if the debt is outside the statute of limitations for your state.

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