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Friday, January 18, 2008
Questioner: Tom
Category: Collections Law
Private: No

Subject: Vacated/Dismissed
Question: Hi!

I liked your answers and I did what you asked me how to answer the summons etc, it worked pretty well!

Guess what? I did show up at the hearing and prepare to present my defenses with judge regarding Chase Credit Card Debt about 15K. I was shocked, other party's attorney did not show up or present during the hearing. Judge asked me some questions and I answered back. Basic info who I am, why I am here etc.

Judge was pissed off and called other party's attorney to find out why this lawyer was not bother to show up because it is HUGE DEBT 15 thousand dollars, and sued me for nothing? I guess he did not expect I would show up? OF COURSE I MUST! Anyway judge told me the case was vacated/dismissed. That is wonderful news BUT my question is... Can other party attorney sue me again for the same case which was vacated by the judge? How does it work? It sounds like he blew his own case.

Thank you for your time.

Answer: Yes, the attorney can refile the case.I'm glad that it worked for you. Creditwrench methods usually work quite well but my students also have to file a case against the attorney and the plaintiff in federal court before they actually do win the case.
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