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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Moving on
Things are shaping up slowly but surely in the new digs. We are getting utilities on slowly. Cold weather seems to be slowing things down a great deal. The city is still trying to get all the broken limbs out of the streets from the December ice storm but the streets are still lined with huge piles of broken limbs. Seems like we will never get rid of all of them.

We won't actually have full internet access until Tuesday and then the process of rebuilding computer systems and getting them back on line can begin. We still don't have all of our stuff out of the burned house. It took almost a month to move into it and it will probably take at least that long to get it all out this time too even though we now have a big truck to move with which we didn't have back then. We might be all out of the burned house by Saturday but getting the vehicles off the premises may take a while more.

Getting things all arranged the way we want them will probably take a couple of months or more. Moving is never easy nor cheap.

We will make it eventually however.
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