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Monday, December 31, 2007
New house first night
Last night was our first night in the new home. Everything went as well as could be expected considering that we are pretty well restricted to one bedroom due to the fact hat we haven't got the gas turned on yet. Don't know if we can get it on today or not. Might be Wednesday or Thursday before we can do that. In the meantime we are on small electric heaters which don't do all that well. Later today I will go get my big air conditioner/heater combo and hook it up to the dryer plug and that will finally heat most of the house with no problem. I'll just set it up on the floor until I can get the gas on and put it in the office area which is 20 by 20 so at last I will have more than enough room for all the stuff I need in the office which has never been available before. Always pretty cramped for space before. I will have to run some 220 volt lines in for the big AC/heater unit but that won't be hard either. I will have to get a new print server and a new switch today, also a vonage adapter. I'll get another laptop in a few days and a printer maybe today. We should be pretty well all moved in by tonight if all goes well. We will also be needing new furniture and don't know if I will have the time to go out and find it today or not.

Things might seem tough but thank The Lord that all we lost was some things that can be replaced and nobody was hurt in the fire. I had some dear friends who weren't so lucky a couple of years ago. The whole family lost their lives in the fire because they had steel bars on the windows and couldn't get out. Six people all lost thier lives in that fire.
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