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Thursday, December 27, 2007
My house burned up this morning
Yes, my house burned up this morning about 8:00 A.M. I went to the hospital this morning for my daily radiation treatment and when I came back the firetrucks were all still there but they already had the fire out. Of course, most of my computer equipment has been burned up. I'm saving some stuff but very little.

I'll have some pictures up showing some of the damage in the next day or so as soon as I get time.

I will have to cut down my phone time some because my phone lines are all forwarded to the cell phone and I can't run that up too high.

I will continue to serve my students and any new students who wish to sign up for creditwrench. No problem there. Some of my files might have been destroyed. I don't know about that yet. The computer seems to be OK so maybe I won't lose all that much after all if the computer will still run when I get to hook it up again later in the day. Right now I'm just trying to salvage what I can.

You should be able to continue to reach me at 405=616=7901 or 405-227-9423
As always, my first concern will be for my students and their problems.

I'll get mine fixed soon.

Here are some phootos of the remains after the fire
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