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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Iran refuses to take dollars for oil
Iran has announced that they will no longer accept American Dollars for their oil but will only accept Euros for their oil. That means that if we must buy Iranian oil we must first purchase Euros with which to buy the oil. Since the exchange rate is now highly in favor of the Euro over the Dollar we will have to pay a much higher price for oil than we would if they accepted American Dollars and this will translate into much higher prices at the pumps. If other major oil producing countries decide to follow suit we will be in real trouble. Presidenial Candidate Ron Paul explains in this video:

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So how will America make up the differences and pay it's debts? Is this the way our government will get the job done? This isn't the first time such flights have crashed or been apprehended in Mexico and other countries. This has been going on for many years now. Several years ago a Mexican newspaper called ALERTA published a story about a plane apprehended in Baja California loaded with drugs.

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