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Monday, December 03, 2007
Discovery tools in court
Lawsuit Self-Help ... Step-by-Step

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Getting Evidence In ...Win with Jurisdictionary's Step-by-Step Course!

In every lawsuit I handled in more than 21 years as a career lawyer, the other side played every dirty trick possible to hide the evidence. I had to learn how to stop their hide-and-seek games and get evidence into the court's record!

If you want to win your lawsuit, you have to learn how, too!

Fortunately, the process is simple!

Learning how begins with knowing six (6) things:

  1. Before the lawsuit begins, you have no power to get evidence.
  2. Once the lawsuit begins, you have five powerful (5) discovery tools.
  3. The other side will object to and resist your discovery efforts.
  4. You must move the court to order them to respond to discovery.
  5. Once they've been ordered to respond, you must move the court for an Order to Show Cause if they continue to refuse to respond.
  6. If they don't respond after the Order to Show Cause, you must move the court for an Order of Contempt that puts them in jail for failure to respond to the court's second order.

This will always get the job done ... if you follow this process.

Many people think they have a right to demand others respond to their questions and requests for documents before a lawsuit is filed. This is just foolish. Even the Freedom of Information Act will not get all the evidence you need to win a lawsuit. Filing FOIA requests usually gets you only what "they" want you to have, and responses to FOIA requests can take f_o_r_e_v_e_r.

Once a lawsuit is filed, however, you use your 5 discovery tools to force the other side to provide the evidence you need to win..

  • Requests for Admissions
  • Requests for Production
  • Interrogatories
  • Depositions
  • Subpoenas and other Court Orders

BUT! If you aren't prepared to move the court to compel responses and then follow up with a motion for an order to show cause, you're probably wasting your time to even try to win, because the other side will try to hide the evidence. Expect it every time!

When you follow up with your motion for an order compelling them to respond and then with a motion to show cause and finally, if necessary, with a motion for contempt ... and "you" set all these motions for hearing and attend the hearings prepared to argue forceably for your right to get the evidence in ... you WILL get the evidence in!

There's just this thing about being locked in a jail cell that tends to make people do what the court orders them to do! Once you get the court to order responses to your discovery, you have the right to have them jailed if they don't respond. That's part of everyone's rights as American citizens! Use your power to win!

We make it easy and affordable for you to know what it takes to win your lawsuit. Our course lays it all out for you step-by-step.

Complete our step-by-step course in a single weekend!

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