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Saturday, December 29, 2007
Creditwrench has new quarters now
Today we got the big truck fixed up. Needed to get a new fan belt on it and get two tires fixed. There isn't any way to get the fan belt tightened up like it should be so it squalls when you romp on the gas but it is going to have to be that way until I can get the new engine and get it installed. That isn't going to happen anytime soon.

We got one load of things moved to the new location before it got dark and tomorrow we will probably get all the rest of it moved. Should be able to get it all moved in about 2 loads, maybe 3. The truck is a 1 ton with a 12 foot bed on it. It also has a tommy lift on it so that makes loading the heavy stuff like stove, referigerator, washer & dryer a lot easier than if it all had to be hand lifted. Just back up and drop the tailgate down on the stoop and load right into the truck. No heavy lifting that way. We will be spending our first night in our new digs tomorrow night. Monday I will have to get the utilities switched over. I will also have to go out and buy new furniture because the old stuff is all pretty badly smoked up even if it didn't burn up which it didn't. Might as well have. I'll also have to buy a new modem, wireless router and switch. I've also got to buy a new printer and another laptop.

I've got a new HP laptop but it is a Vista machine so it don't do all the things I need to get done. Most of the programs out there haven't caught up with Vista yet.
That may be the reason the vonage don't work on this vista machine since vonage admits they don't have all the vista stuff worked out yet. Lots of things will have to be bought new and it will all take time. That's the way it goes sometimes.

Yesterday was the second day after the fire. We obtained vastly larger quarters than we had previously and for a few bucks less than we were paying for the old place. It does need some cleaning and that will start taking place today. Move in will also start taking place today. This place will give us some problems with parking space for vehicles we will make it work somehow. I've got a boat I will just have to move to a storage place or sell, one or the other. Move in will also take much less time since there is much less to move after the fire. (LOL)

We will, of course, continue to be available by phone to help our students both old and new. We managed to keep all of our files from the old main computer. The computer was pretty well damaged but the hard drives survived wonderfully. New case, new power supply, new CPU fan and we should be good to go with the main computer so long as the mother board didn't get fried too which we don't know about yet.

So don't let anyone think that because we had a fire and lost an awful lot of equipment and electronics that we are down and out. Nothing could be further from the truth. We will be available one way or another at all times except possibly during the actual move of the telephone and cable services and that might not even get interrupted. We will be here for our students in need as always.
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