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Monday, October 22, 2007
Jurisdicionary teaches about objections
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Today a nice lady contacted us for help. Her lawyer promised to file an appeal when the court improperly granted summary judgment for the other side. He never filed. The deadline passed. She cannot now appeal. Her case is hopelessly lost forever!

A few days ago we heard from a fellow who paid $60,000 to his lawyer. No discovery was done. No evidence was uncovered. The case was lost. His $60,000 bought him nothing but misery!

We frequently hear from people complaining their own lawyer was unwilling to stand up to the judge, unwilling to press for evidence, unwilling to fight tooth-and-nail for rights the lawyer promised to protect. Many report their lawyer bailed out at a critical time, leaving them to fight alone.

Perhaps you know others who've suffered this way at the hands of their own lawyers. Do you? We'd like to hear from you.

If you're like most people, you don't have a clue what it takes to win a lawsuit, what your lawyer should be doing, or how to get involved in the process to reduce legal fees and costs. You pay your money and take your chances!

Legal malpractice is on the rise, and most people have little or no idea how to stop it. They don't know what it takes to win a lawsuit. When their lawyer bails out or wimps out and they lose, the task of suing the lawyer is nearly impossible, because to win a case for legal malpractice you must show you would have won but for the negligence of your own lawyer. This is usually impossible to prove.

So people lose and have no recourse.

Until Jurisdictionary!

Jurisdictionary shows you what needs to be done. You'll know how pleadings and motions should be drafted. You'll know what must be done to force the other side to produce evidence. You'll know the objections that must be made when the opposition tries to trick you with legalese or smoke-and-mirrors tactics.

Without the easy-to-learn Jurisdictionary lawsuit self-help course, you're at the mercy of the lawyer on the other side, at the mercy of the judge, and if you have a lawyer you're at the mercy of your own lawyer!

If you don't have Jurisdictionary knowledge, you lose!

Don't become another sad lawsuit story!

Let Jurisdictionary show you how easy it is to win in court!

Then, if you must hire a lawyer you'll know what should be done. You won't pay for incompetence or laziness. And, if you can't afford a lawyer, you'll know how to force the court to protect your rights and the rights of those you love.

It's easy with our affordable 2-day, step-by-step course.

Visit to learn more!

Forward this to your friends. They'll thank you for it.

Our affordable 24-hour, 4-CD step-by-step course includes:

  • 5-hour narrated video CD simplifying the entire process of litigation
  • 2 audio CDs that cover practical lawsuit tactics and procedures
  • 14 lawsuit-simplifying multimedia tutorials on a 4th CD
  • Laminated EasyGuide to the Rules of Court
  • Postage and Handling included in one affordable price: $219

Ask anyone who has our course. Jurisdictionary Works!

Save legal fees! Control judges! Defeat crooked lawyers!

Our step-by-step course is your competitive edge.

Call Toll Free for details: 866-Law-Easy

New Jurisdictionary Tutorial -- "Objections"

Included in our Complete 2-day Step-by-Step Course

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