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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
OnMyList: List of useful web sites for consumers

  1. Creditwrench web site:

    This is my home page. It is actually a blog and constantly changes. Most of the articles are copies of articles that I have written as answers to questions people have asked me on where I am quickly gaining attention as one of the most knowledgeable and helpful experts in the area of finance and beating up on debt collectors. .

  2. Creditwrench message board: is one of the few consumer advocacy message forums on the internet that is not filled up with useless chit chat. It is strictly moderated to keep out spammers and nonsense postings. Our resources section is a gold mine of information. We hold regular Friday night Conference calls starting at 7:00 P.M. and they are open to the public and free of any cost or obligation. We are the premier chapter of the Jurisdictionary Clubs of America which is an educational club owned and operated by Florida Attorney Frederick Graves. We hold monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month at Coit's Root Beer Stand located on the corner of 24th and S. Western in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Meetings start at 7:00 P.M. and are free and open to the public. You can always contact me at (405) 616-7901 to get help with your problems.

  3. 18 questions to ask debt collectors when they call.:

    When debt collectors call they always use a canned speech script to keep their conversation on track and you on the defensive until you pay up. Their conversations usually violate FDCPA in one way or another. They are paid on a commission basis depending on how much money they collect for the company. They have a quota to meet before they get any bonus. Needless to say they don't want to waste valuable time trying to collect from people who aren't going to pay up so if you can't pay up and want to avoid their abusive harassment then you need a script too and you have to interrupt their canned speech and put them on the defensive. My list of 18 questions will do just that. It makes them answer your questions and when they refuse to answer one of them you simply tell them that you dispute the debt and every portion of it and tell them to have a nice day and hang up. If they call right back then make them go through the whole script all over again and they will soon stop calling altogether. Soon you will be wishing they would call so you can have some more fun with them. Be sure to keep a log of all calls they make, including the date, time and phone number they used to call with. Be sure to ask them whether they are recording the call or not then tell them you are sure they won't mind that you are recording the call as well. If they object to that tell them that you record all calls to your phone and if they don't want to be taped then don't call. Tell them that if they continue the conversation they are agreeing to be taped. Believe me, they won't keep on bothering you after 3 or 4 calls.

  4. Avoiding mortgage fraud:

    This web site will teach you how to avoid mortgage fraud when buying or refinancing your home.

  5. Here comes the Judge:

    This is a great site for doing legal research on federal lawsuits. It is a searchable data base of over 900 federal cases dealing with various issues.

  6. Here is another searchable data base of federal cases:

    Another great legal resource searching site

  7. Debt collector's data base.:

    Debt collector's data base. This data base contains the contact information for thousands of debt collectors. If you can't find the debt collector who is hounding you here is the place to start looking.

  8. Magna Carta News:

    This blog features news about Oklahoma and Oklahoma legislative news.

Check out this list at OnMyList, where you can list your pants off!

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