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Monday, September 03, 2007
Winning objectuons by Jurisdictionary
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Understanding Objections ... Win with Jurisdictionary!

Lawsuits are nothing like a hockey game, where a player’s objections can have little or no effect on the referee.

In a hockey game, if a player has a beef, he can complain to the referee until he is benched, and that will be the end of it. Nothing much will change.

In a lawsuit, complaints to the referee are called “objections”, and if you make your objections the way Jurisdictionary teaches, they will have the effect you want.

Unlike hockey referees, courtroom judges do listen to objections and will control the opponent in your lawsuit accordingly!

Fail to make your objections the way Jurisdictionary teaches, however, and you run the risk of losing your case needlessly!

The other side will play every trick in the book to win. Lawyers are trained to push the limits. Many will intentionally break the rules to get what they want. You must anticipate that the other side will resort to unfair tactics and that the judge will allow it ... if you don't object.

Our new Jurisdictionary tutorial on objections (included in our complete step-by-step course or available individually) shows you how and why to object effectively so you can win your lawsuit.

“Objection!” calls foul on the other side … and sometimes calls foul on the judge!

Failure to object lets fouls slip by and, to make matters worse, it prevents you from complaining later to an appellate court about the errors that caused you to lose.

If you don't object you can't appeal.

Unlike what happens at the end of a hockey game when the score is tallied and the winner is declared, if you lose in court and made effective objections when the judge made errors, you get a second chance to win on appeal ... if you object as we teach!

When a hockey game is over, the game is over.

When a lawsuit is over (if you objected properly) the final score will be revisited by a panel of appellate justices who will review the judge’s errors and may reverse the lower court’s ruling or send the case back for another round of play.

Make our American legal system work for you.

Jurisdictionary's 2-day step-by-step self-help course shows you how to use objections to force the other side and the judge to do what you need them to do - so you can win your lawsuit.

Use your objections wisely ... and win the Jurisdictionary way!

Get our 2-day step-by-step self-help course and learn how to win your lawsuit ... with or without a lawyer!

Jurisdictionary makes it easy with our affordable 2-day course.

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Our 24-hour, 4-CD step-by-step course includes:

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