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Monday, September 10, 2007
Lawsuits are like football games.
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Now football season is upon us, it may surprise you to know that winning lawsuits is a lot like winning a football game.

Analyze your opponen'ts strength and position, then map your plays to carry your case successfully to the goal.

Jurisdictionary shows how.

For example, I was recently hired to "coach" one of my clients in a bitter lawsuit when the other side tried an end run on the rules, using a handful of affidavits to "prove" his case. Affidavits are hearsay and cannot be used to prove the truth of what they say, because the person signing the affidavit cannot be cross-examined. A simple objection (made on the record with a court reporter taking it all down, so the judge knew we meant business) prevented "proof" from coming in that should never be admitted (unless the person signing the affidavit is present to be cross-examined).

Lawsuits, like football games, are controlled by rules and, like the pigskin competitions we all love, lawsuits have referees to judge when one side or the other violates a rule. Unlike a football game, however, you don't wait for the judge to call fouls. You toss the red flags yourself, using effective objections like, "Hearsay!"

Know what every good football coach knows - how to map plays that defeat the other side based on his positions and weaknesses!

Winning is easy with Jurisdictionary.

You wouldn't go out on the field against an NFL team, unless you knew how to overcome the other side's strengths and positions. Why attempt to win your lawsuit without knowing how to overcome your opponent with strengths and positions of your own?

Learn how to use pleadings, evidence, motions, objections, and more with our complete 2-day lawsuit self-help course.

It's easy!

Jurisdictionary's course shows step-by-step how to map your courtroom plays to take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses and positions - just like a football coach maps plays for his team.

Discover the case-winning power of Jurisdictionary for yourself!

Get our 2-day step-by-step lawsuit self-help course and win your lawsuit ... with or without a lawyer!

Jurisdictionary makes it easy with our affordable 2-day course.

Visit to learn more!

Our 24-hour, 4-CD step-by-step course includes:

  • 5-hour narrated video CD simplifying the entire process of litigation
  • 2 audio CDs that cover practical lawsuit tactics and procedures
  • 14 lawsuit-simplifying multimedia tutorials on a 4th CD
  • Laminated EasyGuide to the Rules of Court
  • Postage and Handling included in one affordable price: $219

Ask anyone who has our course. Jurisdictionary Works!

Save legal fees! Control judges! Defeat crooked lawyers!

Our step-by-step course is your competitive edge.

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