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Saturday, September 15, 2007
cell phones are daqngerous to your health.
Here is an interesting article saying that cell phones are dangerous to your health.

This interesting article by a researcher claims that using a cellphone is very dangerous to your health because of the intense radiation coming from the devices. It also claims that the wireless headsets are also dangerous to your health because they also emit radio wave radiation.

I have been associated with the electronics industry for most of my life so I can understand this very well. In fact, my knowledge tells me that Bluetooth headsets are probably even more dangerous than cell phones are because they are always on and emit pulses of RF every few seconds where cell phones probably don't do that.

But the article says you should not even wear cell phones on your hip but should keep them a safe distance from your body.

This researcher says that cell phones are so dangerous that you shouldn't even use a wired headset but should use a type of hollow tube headset so there are no wires close to your body. But as is also pointed out, we are bombarded by electromagnetic waves every day in ever increasing amounts so is there any way to escape it? Probably not. I sit in an environment surrounded by electronic devices all the time. Multiple computers. Four of them operating at all times. Two cell phones constantly operating. Four 5.8 Gigacycle cordless phones, 2 printers, 3 TV sets, 3 VCR's, 2 wireless keyboards and 2 wireless mice, a fax machine, an air conditioner that operates year around and more and I'm not hurting yet that I know of. Most of us are around much more EMF waves than we realize but, harmful or not this sure does make for interesting reading.

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