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Monday, August 06, 2007
Who can testify?

Tips & Tactics

Who Can Testify?Limit Testimony with Jurisdictionary!

The first test of testimony is competence.

Does the witness know what he or she is talking about ... or is the testimony second-hand?

A lawyer, for example, should never be allowed to testify, unless he knows the facts first-hand. If a lawyer in your case begins to recite facts of the case, object.

Shut him up!

"Counsel lacks competence to testify as to that matter, unless he has first-hand knowledge."

If the court insists on allowing a lawyer to recite facts that are not his own personal knowledge, renew your objection, saying, "If the court is going to allow counsel to testify, I move the court to put the lawyer under oath and allow me to cross-examine him."

Otherwise your right to due process is being compromised.

The first test of testimony is competence.

The only facts a witness can possibly know for certain are those he experiences with his own five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. If he didn't get the information from one of these, he doesn't know first-hand ... and he is not competent to testify.

There are exceptions, and you should learn what they are by using our 2-day step-by-step lawsuit self-help course.

Lawyers are never one of the exceptions.

If a witness begins to testify as to matters beyond his own first-hand knowledge, object and shut him up!

If counsel on the other side asks a witness questions that exceed the personal knowledge of the witness, object ... and shut him up!

"Objection. Competence. Witness has no first-hand knowledge and is, therefore, incompetent to testify."

When battling enemies in court, why give an advantage to the other side by allowing unqualified witnesses to testify?

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Jurisdictionary students don't let inadmissible evidence in!

Make your winning record by excluding incompetent testimony!

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