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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Getting Evidence

Tips & Tactics

Getting Evidence ... Jurisdictionary - Self-Help You Can Trust!

To win your lawsuit, you need evidence.

This may surprise you, but the evidence you already have may not be the evidence you need.

The best evidence is evidence you force the other side to produce or admit ... evidence they cannot deny or challenge.

Suppose you took a photograph of some damages you want the court to see. You could march into court with your photo and insist the picture you took accurately portrays the damages, but you've opened yourself to all kinds of objections. Anyone with a computer can doctor photographs. Your claim of authenticity will fall on deaf ears when the other side objects. You know the photo is an honest depiction of the damages, but the court does not. Even if you get it admitted into evidence, the court will look on it with suspicion.

Suppose, instead, you use one of your pre-trial discovery tools, attaching a copy of the picture to a request for admissions. In this way you require your opponent to admit the photo is accurate, that it shows the damages with reasonably accuracy. If he denies it, you can use your other discovery tools to show he is a liar. If he admits it, your evidence has been authenticated before trial ... with no risk.

Now the opposition cannot object.

The evidence comes in.

And, the court will treat it as reliable.

You should do the same with documents and other things. Your copy of a contract, for example, may be authentic but, if you wait till trial to offer it as evidence, the other side will surely object on the grounds it is not the original. Attach it to a request for admissions and demand that the other side admit its accuracy before trial. That way there can be no objections when the chips are down.

Jurisdictionary's 2-day step-by-step self-help course shows you how to use all five of your pre-trial discovery weapons wisely. You will learn how to get the evidence you need before trial.

Winning lawsuits is easy, once you get the evidence you need.

Don't wait until trial to present your evidence for the first time.

Get all the evidence in before trial ... the Jurisdictionary way!

Jurisdictionary's 2-day step-by-step course shows you how to use your five discovery tools to force your opponent to produce or admit evidence ... so you can win your lawsuit ... before trial .

Why risk losing?

Get our 2-day step-by-step self-help course and learn how to win your lawsuit ... with or without a lawyer!

Jurisdictionary makes it easy with our affordable 2-day course.

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