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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hi, y'all.

I've got a situation, and I could use some help.

Back in mid-2003, I got an account with Sprint. Four days after I signed up, Sprint totally changed every one of their plans and everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I had been discussing things with their sales people for nearly 2 months, and signed up based on what the sales people had said was a "good strategy". Anyway, I felt like I got screwed. I had a lawyer write them a dispute letter -- he claimed a variety of things, like "no meeting of the minds", "fraud", "misrepsentation", etc. He basically disputed the validity of the contract and gave Sprint 30 days to respond or assumed the contract was null and void. Sprint never replied.

Starting about 6 months later, I was contacted by a series of collection agencies.

In January 2006, I was contacted by another CA. About 10 days later, I sent them one of these dispute letters. Only this time, they just ignored me and continued to send me bills. Ok, big deal. I ignored them.

In September I was declined for a car loan because of "excessive delinquencies", "too many late payments", etc. WTF??? I got a copy of my credit report and it turned out that this CA posted a derogatory entry in August. The account was also re-aged to 2005. (It has since been re-aged to show 2006!)

I disputed with the CRAs, and wrote another dispute letter to this CA. The CRAs removed the entry long enough for me to qualify for the car loan. But it reappeared a month later when the CRAs claimed the subscriber validated the report. (!)

The bills stopped for a few months, but started again in January 2007. I sent them a THIRD letter, with copies of the first two, demanding they cease and desist, and stop reporting this invalid debt to the CRAs. Again, they ignored me. But they did stop sending me bills.

Yet they continue to re-post to the CRAs every month updating my profile claiming this is a valid debt, open account, seriously delinquent, blah blah blah. The CRAs are now ignoring my disputes as well.

I've contacted numerous lawyers, and nobody will touch it without a big retainer. I just got a call from another one yesterday who said there's no way they'd take it without proof that the original contract was invalid. As in, a court order declaring it invalid! Sheesh!

I'm at a loss of ideas here. Any suggestions?


Yes, David. Your problem is that you are not a Creditwrench student in the first place. You need to get Creditwrench and learn how to take care of your problems as a pro se litigant so you don't have to fool around with lawyers.

The first thing you need to understand is that it is far better to be a plaintiff in federal court than it is to be a defendant in any court. Creditwrench will teach you the secrets of the legal industry and how to use the law to resolve your problems.
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