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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Video Bookmarks for Firefox

Video bookmarks for firefox

Many of us use firefox because it is so much better than Internet Explorer, Netscape or just about any other browser that I can think of. One of the great things about firefox is the availability of a wide range of plugins that enhance it's useability almost beyond imagination. And here is another one that looks like it has really great potential. It is just released, free as usual and has almost unbelievable features.

Bookmarks have always been useful but also a real pain in the neck because you have to sort through endless lists of bookmarks trying to find that great site or page that you never wanted to lose. This new Firefox feature is called Thumbshots It records pages you visit or revisit automatically if you leave it on but you can stop the recording any time you want to. It sits in your tray and waits for you to turn it on and record a set of pages and turn it off again. Then you can save the strips and you can share them with others.

I just installed it and haven't had time to use all of it's features yet so don't know how the sharing works as of yet but I will soon find out. install page

I think this is one of the greatest innovations I've ever seen. I hope I'm not disappointed for some reason later down the line. One never knows for sure until he finds out the hard way.

If you use Firefox and decide to try this out I'd like to hear your comments about it. I'm sure others will too.
Bill Bauer

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