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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
The judge says put up or shut up!

The Honorable Judge Cardone says PUT UP OR SHUT UP

Today, in the case of Callier vs Bauer filed in El Paso, Texas federal Court, The Honorabe Judge Cardone ordered the Plaintiffs, Brandon Callier, Craig Cunningham and Ana Callier to either put up or shut up. If they don't comply with all of her order by August 10, 2007 the judge will have no choice but to dismiss their case. Her statements
very closely match those issues I have raised in my motions.

In her order Judge Cardone dismissed the Plaintiff's complaint of stalking under 18 U.S.C. 2261A because such charges are criminal complaints and must be brought by a federal prosecutor and not by a private plaintiff. So the charge of stalking against me under 18 U.S.C. 2261A is gone. Their state claims of stalking are also gone because if the Court cannot hear the plaintiffs cause under federal law it cannot hear their related state claims either.

The judge is giving them a chance to support their claims in the amount of at least $75,000 or she will dismiss their case. It will be interesting indeed to see how they manage to do that successfully. Especially since almost all if not all of their claims were based on what they somehow imagined the law provided for them to receive.

So if we analyze what the judge has ordered we easily see that she is backing up my demand for a more definitive statement in her own way. We will see how they respond to the judges order.

Yuo can follow the case as it unfolds here.

The judge also seems to doubt that they can even support a civil claim of any kind whatever.

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