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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Your get out of debt free card?

Your get out of debt free card?

That is what Steven Katz of Tuscon, Arizona claimed in a post he made on Creditnet and of course his own message forum. His description isn't quite accurate for there is no such card. What he refers to is a new or seemingly new web site called FDCPA CASES.ORGwhich is a site where debt collectors can check up on people who have filed federal cases against debt collectors and their outcomes.

The purpose of this and the basis for their almost $1600 subscription fee is that by using their service debt collectors will be able to screen and cleanse their debtor lists of debtors who might well file a federal case on them for violations of FDCPA, FCRA or other causes.

Mr. Katz thereby claims that filing federal lawsuits on debt collectors for various violations somehow becomes a get out of debt free card. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth because it isn't free to start off with because the filing fee in federal court is $350.00 which hardly makes it free. Then there is the other hurdle which is a long way from being free as well is the immense difficulty of finding an attorney to do it for you or the time that is necessary to develop a case and learning how to properly prepare and present it in court. There are a great number of obstacles to getting the job done and none of them are free.

One of the greatest obstacles is learning how to do it yourself. One can find any number of message forums where they will talk about how to do it but will never actually teach you how to do it. One of the most important steps that is never discussed to any great extent if ever is the importance of learning both the rules of procedure and the rules of evidence. These are indespensible and are easily found on the internet by simply using Federal Rules of Procedure and Federal Rules of evidence as search terms.

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