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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Tax Lien Foreclosure

Tax lien foreclosure

I've received a request for help from a local lady here in Oklahoma City in dealing with the fact that the Oklahoma County Tax Assessors office
forclosed on her home and sold it to someone who had purchased the delinquent taxe lien on her home. Of course, she wants to salvage her home if at all possible.

Naturally, these are very tough situations, usually difficult if not impossible to do anything to help the homeowner who has defaulted on their tax liabilities. In this instant situation however the lady has a greatly enhanced possibility of keeping her home because the Oklahoma Tax laws allow for redemption of the property by the homeowner for a much greater period of time if the homeowner is disabled which she is.

Other things in her favor is that one or more judges have already granted her relief from eviction by the purchaser. It appears that she simply may not have been accorded the right of redemption in accordance with the mandates of Oklahoma Law.

I'll know a lot more about this situation tomorrow than I do today.

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