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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Collection agency contact info data base
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Here is a huge data base of collection agency phone numbers and contact information

They also have a blog at Collection Agency Blog whose purpose is to let collection agencies enter their contact information for advertising purposes. There is a link on the left that you click on and that brings up your email client so you can enter in the information. Then they pick up that contact info and put it into their data base.

Why does that interest me when I dislike collection agencies so much?

Here is why. Collection agencies love to use spoofed numbers. If you get a call from a spoofed number or whenever they call for that matter and you can come up with their contact information then put it into that blog it won't be long before consumers can find out who it is that is calling them at all hours of the night and just hanging up on them or calling and asking you to hold forever waiting for the next available operator who never comes to the phone that will expose their nasty tricks.

Also they love to put the debt information in people's credit reports but never contact them. They simply sit there on the credit reports until the people try to buy a home or a car and find they have to pay the debt off before they can buy, but there is no contact information to pay them with so the consumer suffers because he can't get a house or a car bought and can't find the dumb collection agency to clear the matter up. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. So putting the contact information in that blog will help lots and lots of people.

Another reason collection agencies are reluctant to make their contact information public is because they break so many laws every day that they are fearful of being sued for their nasty tricks. Lots of them operate only in states where there is no regulation of collection agencies so they can be more agressive against their victims. Putting all contact information in that blog will help expose them and their sleazy tactics.

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