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Sunday, May 28, 2006
An important website for pro se litigants and other info
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I have found an extremely important website and if you are interested in pro se litigation then you had best check out the pro se section of this website.

At first glance it don't seem so great but as you drill down into that section of the site more and more information and resources open up.

Not only are there white papers put out by judges and other people in the court systems but there are also links into the court systems for many states where you can look up court cases as well.

Don't overlook this one!!!

And if you are looking for a collection agency and can't find the one you are looking for this is another valuable resource.

It has untold numbers of listings for collection agencies and even has reverse phone number lookups for them listed in numerical order and many of the listings also have links to their websites. If you put the phone number of a collection agency in Google or any of the other search engines you will probably get referred to this website.

They also have a blog where anyone can put in the contact information for a collection agency. Once the contact information is put into the blog they pick it up and put it in their directory. Collection agencies of the USA

They are developing directories for other things such as directories of banks, lawyers in the collections field.

They are fast becoming the darling of all the search engines because of their listings complete with links.

They haven't put up a search engine of their own yet but it is easy to search the pages for any search term or phone number you want by clicking on the edit tab in your browser and then looking for the tab that says "find in page" and search that way. Easy to do and all browsers have that function.

Some debt collectors are now using private names such as "Harry Balz" or "Dewey Cheatum" or whatever name in their caller ID strings so people think it is just some person calling them and will pick up the phone more readily than they would if they tried to hide their identity.

Of course, you can't call the number back because it is a phony ID string but I'd recommend that if you get a call that turns out to be from a debt collector instead of "John Doe" that you take an extra minute or so to go to an area code lookup website and enter in the area code and prefix which will tell you what city and state they were calling from and of course they either told you the name of the company they were calling for or they violated FDCPA again.

These 18 questions will force them to tell you who they are calling so that's no problem. Once you have their city and state you can probably find their address and contact info in the data base and then put that new information in the blog at blog and let that new information get put into the data base as well.

And it will hopefully have the benefit of stopping their fun and games because that can be used in an FDCPA case against them for providing false and misleading information to a consumer. Local courts won't pay much if any attention to such a case but I definitely think that if that practice is exposed to the judges in Federal courts as an additional complaint along with the rest of the complaints you have it will soon start to have an impact on their sneaky tricks.

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