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Friday, May 05, 2006
Another one bites the dust
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Another one bites the dust.

It seems that after I sent Discoveries to Mann Bracken, one week later they sent me a copy of a letter they sent to the court that said "Clerk of the Court to kindly dismiss the above action without prejudice at the request of the Plaintiff"
Ran with their tails between their legs.
My mode of attack was the following:
-Attacking the affidavit (this is all they had as proof in their complaint)
-Requested proof that the Plaintiff (original creditor) was party of first interest
-Proof that Mann Bracken had been assigned the account
-Proof that a 6050-P had been filed
Question: Could I file a counter-suit against them for filing a false suit against me? What is the difference between with prejudice, and without prejudice?
Thanks once more to Bill.
And also to Mike who has been very helful also.
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