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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Creditwrench to the Rescue!
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I want to report on another creditwrench success and report on Bill's excellent service.

I was a former student of creditwrench from a few years ago. I had all the info and skills I needed, but my computer crashed and I did not have copies of the letters I needed to deal with a collection agency that was harassing my wife.

I contacted Bill and he resent me the letters and stated that, as I was a former students, I was entitled to any and all updates. He's a great guy.

WEell, to make a long story short, in dealing with the collection agency, I had gotten all the way to sending them, and their parent company (Telecheck) the payday letters. I also filed complaints with the FTC, BBB, and CA State AG.

To make a long story short, the BBB contacted me and forwarded a letter from Telecheck. Telecheck went on and on about how they did not violate my rights, but they were stopping all collection activities and were deleting the account.

In my opinion, their comments about not violating my civil rights is a total CYA on their part, as demonstrated by the fact they are now deleting their account about me.

I think that, in a day or two (when I get home from a short vacation), I will post the contents of Telecheck's letter to me (without any identifying information about myself).

CreditWrench to the rescue! (More like Credit-Sledgehammer!)

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