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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Students tell about their creditwrench experiences
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Default Your experience wih Creditwrench?

Hi, I am seriously considering joining, but I was looking for some personal references before taking the plunge...

About me, I am being sued by Citibank for CC debt and I am hoping Creditwrench has some good strategies for fighting this!

Please email me at if you would like to discuss your experience. Feel free to post here too, of course, but I would be very interested in speaking with you in person on the phone if possible, so email me too.

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Default Re: Your experience wih Creditwrench?


I used CreditWrench for quite a while back in '01-'04 and was delighted with the quality of service and effectiveness of what Bill taught.

Take the plunge and give it a go.
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Default Re: Your experience wih Creditwrench?

most of the initial credit wrench stuff is about dealing with colection agences. whial it is very usfull information you are already being sued. Bill may be able to help you but i think it will depend on the situation. his phone number is around here some were. you will find he is very acsesable when you need him. you can trust him
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Default Re: Your experience wih Creditwrench?

Here's what happened after I signed up with Creditwrench.

-when collection agencies came after me, they all ran away or transferred the debt to other collection agencies when I used what Creditwrench gave me. In that time I was able to gain a significant upper hand on the collection agencies that were coming after me. It also gave me several years to accumulate enough money that if the debt was legit I was able to settle it and settle it favorably for myself.

-I was sued by Discover before I joined Creditwrench and I became such a pain in the ass to them and their scumbag collection attorney's because of what Bill taught me that the suit has now been dropped and settled in my favor. If I was smart and talked to Bill every step of the way, I would have gotten rid of this suit right at the start.

Bill helped me write an answer to the summons and complaint, he helped me with my counterclaims and gave me the confidence to walk into a courtroom representing myself against a debt collection attorney who was shocked to see me there each and every time. Thye expect us not to show up and get default judgements.

At one point there was a pre-trial conference with myself, Discover's attorney and the judge where I wiped the floor with Discover's attorney by asking them for specific pieces of evidence and how they didn't have it (and I was right) and the judge admonished Discover's attorney and told him they better get their act together before they walked back into his courtroom. Discover's attorney that day actually apologized to me in the elevator for not being prepared.

Creditwrench is a lot of work -- I will not sit here and say I was the best and most agressive student -- You have to be prepared to do a lot of research and work for yourself, but Bill and the rest of the guys here will not steer you wrong. They will give you the tools and a defense against an industry filled with unethical business practices that normally are not fought by average consumers.

So what can you expect? You can expect the harrassing calls to pretty much stop after you use your creditwrench techniques. You can expect to understand the law which is there to protect you and how to try to use it to help you against the collection industry. You can expect Bill to be there to help you and speak to you every step of the way.

What you can't expect is paying the fee to join Creditwrench and that being a magic pill that will make all your worries disappear instantly. There's no trick. There's no magic pill. It will require work and effort and learning on your part, but Creditwrench will give you all the tools you need to fight.

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