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Saturday, November 26, 2005
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11/25/05 Conference Call

I was a bit surprised by what happened on this call. It seemed that there were only two people on the call but when the call report came in it turns out that there were 32 people on the call tonight but they simply didn't care to identify themselves or to speak. That's OK too but it does make it seem as though the call is dead. Far from it. In fact, if it ever comes down to the point that nobody wants to talk about anything then I have some pre recorded audio material ready to go that will be available for replay on the call. How many people listen to the actual conference call isn't the end of the story because there are many reasons why people might not be able to listen to or participate in the actual conference call but rather how many people listen to the podcasts over the next few years. So far that is working out to be in the hundreds of people each week. Podcasts can have a life of their own.

Creditwrench Conference call for November 25th, 2005 add to my PodNova

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