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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Creditwrench's second video production
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This is an MPG file. In otherwords, it is a video file and it is my second attempt to do videos. In some ways it is much better than my first attempt which I think wasn't too bad at all. This one is about twice as long as the last one and therefore it is going to take some time to load even on high speed internet such as DSL.

If you are on a 56k dial up line I would advise you that it could easily take several hours for you to get it all loaded up. It will take about 10 minutes on DSL. If you try to play it before it is loaded you will think that it is "choppy" because it will play whatever you have loaded in memory and then stop playing while it loads more of the video.

That can totally ruin your outlook on the quality and value of the video but if you let it all load up before you play it there are no problems with it.

I've seen full Hollywood movies that would load up and play much faster than this one does although they too have to load enough of it so that the loading process is well ahead of the playing process for it to play smoothly.

The difference is that the full length professionally produced movies are using bittorrent technology and I haven't got there yet but I will very soon. This is the first time that I have used title and other screens as well and so I'll also have to put in the professional transitional screens between the various text based screens but that won't be hard to do. All it takes is a bit better planning of the film than I'm doing right now.

I'm just getting the basics down now and learning how to operate the software.

Video is actually pretty new and the bugs aren't all worked out of it yet for the amateur videographer but it is coming along very rapidly. One thing is for certain and that is that in order to produce high quality video it takes a lot of thought and planning before you ever get to the production stage in order to get it all done right.

You can't just take a camcorder and go shoot a video and expect that it will come out looking all that good. You can use a camcorder and then take it to the "cutting room" and get rid of screens that are not all that appropriate for whatever reason. But in order to do that you have to go through the entire video screen by screen and that takes a bit of time. If you do that you also have to be able to edit the audio that goes with it and I haven't dug into that portion of it yet as you can tell from watching this video.

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